Ron is a teacher who helped me gain greater access to my true self! While working with him I was able to set and achieve goals, as well as further develop tools and strategies that helped me overcome obstacles in my life. When my path first led me to Ron, I was in a vulnerable and painful place. I had allowed my mind and emotions to drive my choices and actions rather than being the conscious, balanced and compassionate individual that was inside me.  Ron helped me to face the internal fears and hardships that were holding me back from enjoying the present and true joy. I met with Ron weekly for 8 months and during this time he showed me sincere compassion, empathy and challenged me in a nonthreatening way to really look at my life and relationships. Ron used his life experience, education and intuition to evaluate my individual needs and provide me direction as I evolved into a happier and healthier person. He also inspired me to set goals and work on my development at home through suggesting literature to read, activities to participate in and the power of meditation. The more I worked with Ron, the more light and joyful I became. I sought less to, place judgments on others, and allow other's actions to effect my well-being. I learned to shield myself from negativity and use my own developing wisdom to guide my life. As I became more in tune with myself, the more my interpersonal relationships grew strong and healthy. I repaired the relationship with my partner, and developed a healthier relationship with my siblings and friends. I also was able to set better boundaries at work and strengthen relationships with my colleagues. As I made changes, I saw that those close to me were also inspired to make changes in their own lives. Without Ron's guidance and coaching, I would not be where I am today, and I most likely would have continued the negative patterns which brought me to the dark place I was in when I first began working with Ron. Ron is a pillar in our world community and truly strives to raise human consciousness with each interaction. Although I was in a challenging place in my life when I met Ron, one does not need to be in a painful place to benefit from his guidance and teachings. I would recommend his service to anyone looking to grow positively in their life, and interpersonal relationships.   

Katherine Flaherty, M.A. is a School Counselor and an Administrator



Chris Murphy, Educator


Dr. Thurlow has healed my heart at a time when I felt completely torn apart. I'm ever indebted to his grace and wisdom. He beautifully guided me through my own forest of frustrations and self-imposed responsibilities and provided peace to me - like coming up for air. I love this man. He is Good, wise, and is an absolute fountain of compassion. It has been 5 or so years since I've been able to sit down with Ron, but I reflect on our sessions regularly and the memories remind me of my truth. Dr. Thurlow was never interested in correcting me or placing me in a framework of definitions. He was interested in knowing me and me knowing myself. That was our practice and I continue to build on what he helped me establish. I will always honor and be thankful to Dr. Thurlow for healing my heart.

Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction 

at Ventura Unified School District




I have had the opportunity and pleasure to be in the good company of Ron Thurlow serving in the role of group facilitator, leader, speaker and presenter in both small and large groups.  Ron demonstrates that rare quality of ‘subtle intelligence’ and ‘intuitive heart feeling’ when working with people and groups, gently leading them forward to and through “here to there to here”, often with surprising unfoldment. 

The subtle and practical skills we enjoy through Ron came to their present synthesis forged through a life time of experiences and achievements in the various fields of his life service and expression. An intense period of years managing and leading a large group of employees in a challenging leadership function for homeless shelters, his experiences as a practicing therapist helping people to see clearly in the light of their soul and take their next steps in life with confidence, his decades of in-depth meditation integrating and embodying the higher qualities of innate potential, his deep spiritual studies and inquiry into some of the most profound spiritual teachings and principles gracing humanity today and the creative application of these principles in life, and his love for music, people and humanity – all come together in the person of Ron Thurlow, making Ron an invaluable contributor to whomever and whatever  he chooses to be his focus.   


Halina Bak-Hughes, M.S. Esoteric Psychology, Ph.D. Esotericism (ABD)

Founder of Sol Invictus Universalis / EsotericAdvent.Org since 2011 and 2013

Member of the Board – Meditation Mount, Ojai California since 2014

Member of the Board – Seven Ray Institute / USR since 2002





Ron Thurlow is a man of deep compassion and insight. He truly cares about his clients and helps them find their spiritual core with wisdom and humor. Whether applying a gentle nudge or a loving shove, he helps you get past what is stopping you from being all that Spirit wants you to be so you can live your life in a way that is more soul-fully filled with joy and peace – 

Dr. Lisa Love, Beyond the Secret

Spiritual Counselor





I honestly don’t know where I would be or who I would have become without the help of Dr. Thurlow. He completely changed my life and my perspective on how I had viewed things in the past, as well as, helping me to understand my bliss and compassion and intrinsic value in the present moment. He is a definite gem and embodiment of pure light and honesty. If you are looking for someone to have 100% pure intentions of helping you to see how you are loved and supported in this life, he is your guy. I could not thank him enough for his guidance he has shared with me.

Melanie Freeman is a Business Owner






                         by Ron Thurlow, PhD

My dear friend Ron Thurlow once told me that, “Our Work is to ground the Soul in the world.” This book does the job. The author is a profound intuitive and empath who has spent a lifetime in the depths of the Wisdom Teachings and in the healing arts. An erudite Esotericist as well as a clinical psychotherapist, he draws upon his personal visionary experiences and his professional humanitarian understanding to bring forth a powerful entryway into the way things come about.

 Humans, Angels and Visions is a glimpse into a primal mystery - The relationship between the two kingdoms of human and deva. Thurlow reveals how our world, our bodies, even our feelings and thoughts are shaped, not only by our own human Soul, but also by the angelic beings that play their part in Creation by building forms from their own ethereal substance. This book shows how cognitive, emotional and behavioral tendencies are subtly constructed and also how they can be intentionally transformed.
  Thurlow’s writing is informed by his extensive expertise in meditation, including his studies with Martin Muller. Thurlow concisely presents Muller’s Ontological Meditation, opening a clear path for actualizing spirit.
  Humans, Angels and Visions is a well-integrated synthesis of impeccable Esoteric scholarship and intense personal experience. It is a treasure because it serves as both an introduction into the esoteric mysteries and a deep review for the lifelong student of Wisdom. But its greatest value is that it points the Way to the next step for our species at this dangerous juncture in the human journey - to befriend our partners in creation - the Angelic Kingdom. I will be referring to this book for a very long time to come.

Dr. Brock Travis

Spiritual Counselor