Over the years, Dr. Ron Thurlow has facilitated various workshops related to spiritual, esoteric and metaphysical studies. He has on several occasions in different settings, taught astrology and esoteric astrology. In 2016, he gave a presentation on Esoteric Astrology at the University for the Seven Rays conference in Chandler, Arizona. 

Dr. Thurlow was charged with overseeing the monthly full moon meetings at Meditation Mount in Ojai, California for four years. He led or shared the leadership of many of these full moon meditation gatherings. As the facilitator, he discussed the astrological significance of the moon transiting the astrological sign for that particular month. Dr. Thurlow was asked to contribute essays describing each astrological sign for the Meditation Mount website.

In 2013, Dr. Thurlow led a discussion on the meaning of Avatar Meher Baba’s book “God Speaks” at the Public Library in Ojai, California, which was attended by the general public and “Baba lovers”.

Dr. Thurlow facilitated an open-eye meditation group in San Diego County, California, for ten years. He tutored the group in a meditation practice based upon the teachings of Martin Muller, which used music as a medium to assist group focus in grounding spiritual life on the planet. In addition to regular group meditation, Dr. Thurlow led these dedicated spiritual scholars in discussions of metaphysical writings and wisdoms.



By applying the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom, Dr. Thurlow uses creative methods to educate wisdom seekers in meditation and an inclusive spiritual practice.

The beautiful mandala paintings found throughout this website are by 

Sandy Thurlow