Esoteric astrology includes interpreting horoscopes in the traditional astrological manner, but also includes looking at the deeper life of the spiritual development of the client, if desired. The natal chart is a map that shows the placement of the sun, moon and planets at the time of birth. That exact moment in time and space is unique. The astrological conditions present in that moment have never in history been exactly the same as the instant in which you were born and will never be the same again in the future. So, when the astrologer looks at the placement of the sun, moon and planets’ alignment with the signs on the ecliptic, their placement in the houses and their aspects or relationships to one another, a clear picture of the influences comes into focus. It is then that the esoteric astrologer sees the chart as a whole and sees all of your life’s choices in relation to the central identity of that whole. Every human being has habits and patterns that work in their lives, and others that don’t. An astrological reading can help you make better choices, that in the end, will result in a happier and more peaceful life.

Dr. Ron Thurlow will help you to remember that you are a brilliant human soul living out your life with purpose and meaning.

Dr. Thurlow casts in-depth astrology charts. He interprets them in-person and remotely via electronic media. His fee is $75.00 per hour.